Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Cure for Procrastination!

by Kyra Mesich, PsyD,

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? I have an intimate, long-term relationship with procrastination. I've honed the skill my entire life. Yet, somehow, I've still managed to get stuff done. Following is my favorite and most effective holistic technique to change the energy around my tendency to procrastinate.

Tansy Flower Essence

Yes, there is even a flower essence* to help us overcome procrastination! You'd think I would be using this stuff by the barrel, but sometimes I procrastinate opening up a new bottle of tansy flower essence. I'm telling you, I have expert status on the topic of procrastination. 

What is the root cause of procrastination anyway? Is it about willpower? Lack of motivation? Poor time management? For many of us sensitive souls, it isn't about any of those things. Tansy addresses a deep-seated habit many of us sensitive souls adopted very early in life: Withdrawing under stress.

Here is a quote from the FES Flower Essence Repertory's definition of Tansy flower essence: "Healing insight comes through understanding why [we] hold back the real expression of ourselves. This soul type responds to intense overwhelm or any feeling of pressure or tension by withdrawing and restricting physical energy." 

This can be an ingrained pattern associated with childhood trauma. But I have found it to be a tendency for nearly all of my sensitive clients, those who do and those who do not have a significant history of abuse or trauma. Many of us sensitive souls became experts in "downshifting" our energy to keep the peace and to avoid further emotional overwhelm. 

By the time we are adults, it can be second nature to withdraw and become invisible when we want. This tendency comes back to bite us when we need to expand our energy outward to accomplish a task or break through any stress-inducing situation.

Tansy has been my friend since I first learned about FES flower essences. I never would have completed my first book in 2000 without it.

*For those of you who may be new to flower essences, please note that flower essences are unique herbal remedies that are made from the vibrational, energetic resonance of flowering plants. There is no botanical matter in a flower essence. Tansy is used herbally as well (dried and in tinctures) and it is an incredibly strong herb that has a pungent, unpleasant odor. The tansy plant is used as a natural insect repellent and is considered somewhat toxic to ingest. 

I love to look at a plant's physical qualities when considering it's energetic gifts. I put a photo of tansy above so you can see its straightforward form. The flowers are small and similar to the center of a daisy, without the petals. It's a "getting down to business" type of plant with strong, long-lasting flowers. It is a vibrant yellow, can grow huge and fast, and is considered an invasive species in many areas of the Midwest.

Tansy flower essence stimulates our energy just enough to pull us out of the hiding places we energetically withdraw. Tansy encourages us to be vibrant and strong, here and now, and accomplish what we want to do.

You can obtain Tansy flower essence from FES (Flower Essence Services), or book a flower essence session with me during which we'll choose the best flower essences to help you heal and move forward in your life. More at

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