Monday, July 16, 2018

Better Digestion in 30 Seconds!

30 Seconds to Happier Digestion by Dr Kyra Mesich,

-With no costly supplements
-No matter what you're eating
-With a simple, thorough food blessing you can say to yourself or out loud

 About 90% of the sensitive clients I see have digestive issues, sometimes quite severe. I certainly haven't escaped frustrating digestive problems in my life. I’ve had times in the past when I could barely tolerate eating anything without pain, gas, bloating, fatigue, brain fog - Most of you know the drill. 

Digestive issues can feel so disempowering. “What? I don’t even have control over my own body?” That’s how it feels sometimes. Despair can set in when we feel like we are doing everything possible to make the situation better, such as avoiding certain foods, taking probiotics, etc, with little improvement. So my method below counters that frustration and instead empowers you to reset your focus toward positive intention and an energy of more comfortable digestion.

Here's an easy method that I have consistently found makes a positive difference. Take the time, just 30 seconds, to say a blessing before eating. Before putting the food in your mouth, create positive energy, and set an intention of appreciation and acceptance. Here is the blessing I've created over the years:
I bless and purify this food.
I give thanks to the animal and plants that gave of themselves, and to every single person who played a role in making this food available to me.
My body accepts this food with appreciation and excitement. It easily digests and processes it, extracting all the nutrients and energy available for my body's benefit.
I experience this meal (or snack) with love and gratitude.
And so it is!
As you can tell, I've made this blessing neutral. Feel free to change it based on your food choices and beliefs. 

I know this blessing may seem long, but it only takes 30 seconds to say it slowly, with intention. 30 seconds is sufficient time to positively shift the energy you had, no matter your worries about the food you'll be eating or how your body may react.

Yes, sometimes when I'm in a hurry, I forget or don't want to take the time for the blessing. But whenever my digestion starts to go off again, I'm reminded how easy it is to empower myself to create positive intention around the food I take into my body. Consistent attention to creating positive energy around food and digestion -  It really does make all the difference.

Copyright Dr Kyra Mesich, author of The Strength of Sensitivity,

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