Sunday, February 22, 2015

Listen to the Strength of Sensitivity Podcast on Edge Talk Radio here:
In this inaugural episode, I explained a little about why I specialize in sensitivity and what prompted me to create this podcast. My guest was Cathryn Taylor, an author of several books, and an expert in EFT and inner child work. In fact, Cathryn is known as the "mother of inner child work." We discussed growing up as a sensitive child and what we bring forth into adulthood. This episode ends with a relaxing, supportive nature meditation.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Winter's Not Over Yet. Tips for Getting Through the Next Couple Months.

Hi Everyone,
Yes, here is another blog about Winter Depression! Why? I live in sunny, yet bitterly cold Minnesota, so the topic of winter and Seasonal Affective Disorder is near and dear to my heart. I wish SAD didn't end with the word "disorder," though. Someone in southern California must have come up with that idea, because quite frankly, I believe feeling depressed, lethargic, fatigued and irritable is a perfectly reasonable response to 6 stinking months of winter.   So I would call it SAPRR.

Even if you live in a climate with a shorter winter, the change in seasons is still a stress on our bodies. Why do we expect that we should live status quo exactly the same way, doing the same activities, eating the same foods, needing the exactly same nutrition all four seasons of the year? That doesn't make sense. 

We need to take care of ourselves a little differently during the winter. Most of us sensitive people feel the effects of winter quite strongly, so the following tips are for you.
(The infrared sauna links are specific to the Twin Cities, MN area, but you may be able to find similar resources where you live.)

I have recommended the Apollo GoLite blue technology for many years because I know the blue LED technology is very effective, is reliable, is easy on the eyes, and requires only a short amount of usage time each day. But the Apollo technology was recently purchased by the Philips company, so the newly manufactured lights are called Philips GoLite BLU

To purchase an Apollo light, search on for Apollo GoLite. You’ll find at least one or two gently used up for auction. Carefully read the description though to make sure it does function and has the AC adaptor. Auction prices vary, but they are currently going for around $65.

If you would prefer to buy a new unit that you know is returnable, has a few different models of the Philips GoLIte BLU, which range in price from $100-$160.
I have not tested these new models. Read the descriptions & customer reviews on for more information.

Infrared saunas in the Twin Cities:
Awaken for Wellness Sweatworks Studio in St Paul.   I like their large sauna so I can lie down.
Traditional dry saunas are great too and can be found in many gyms.

Researchers link vitamin D deficiency to seasonal affective disorder. Read at
Interesting fact: Vitamin D is Actually a Hormone:

Summer Flowers that Lighten the Winter Blues: Flower Essence Therapy for the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder   Check the Jan 2015 archive in my blog for this article.

There is a reason we naturally love to use warming spices such as ginger & cinnamon during the winter. They aid digestion and increase blood flow. Drink plenty of warm beverages like hot tea, and limit cold, ice water as much as possible. Fill your menu with easy to digest, cooked foods. Cold foods like salads and sandwiches may be fine for you when the weather is warm, but harder to digest during the winter.
Find a fun way to keep your energy circulating: Yoga. Dance. What have you wanted to try?

Thrive this Winter: 6 Step Anti-SAD Action Plan

Holy moly winter arrived early and intensely this year here in MN!  I’ve heard similar reports from my friends and family around the ...