Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Staying Centered in Chaotic Times: 3 Important Tips for Sensitive Souls

Yes, I know the title of this post is easier said than done. As I'm writing this blog in October 2017, high emotion is running rampant post natural disasters and human violence. It's a challenging time to be an empathic, sensitive soul, so here are a few tips to help you remain grounded.

1. Be very selective about your sources of news 
We don't need to bombard ourselves with any more than the basic "facts." I find that reading the news, rather than watching is calmer and gives me control over what I take in. Resist the urge to click on the really sad human interest stories. We aren't "helping" by becoming inundated with grief or anger.

2. Remember the energetic support of flower essences 
Golden Armor from Green Hope Farm in NH was made quite specifically to provide us an energetic buffer amid modern intensity.   https://www.greenhopeessences.com/essences/golden-armor

Heart remedies may also be in order. Much loss and grief are associated with recent tragedies, and you may be feeling the heaviness in your heart. Borage,  http://store.fesflowers.com/borage-1-4-oz.html,  and Yerba Santa,  http://store.fesflowers.com/yerba-santa-1-4-oz.html both provide upliftment for our heart.

Remember that flower essences help us subconsciously, beyond the limitations of our rational mind, which might try to tell us that horrible things happened to people, so we should feel awful and stay that way. That kind of "logic" serves no one. We are of no help to anyone if we are also in a dark place.

3. Self-care, self-care & self-care
Spend time in nature. The squirrels and trees and stones are the same as always despite recent events. Keep the energy moving! Drink a lot of pure water, exercise, dance, take salt baths. Make appointments for healing experiences and participate in events that are uplifting.

Don't feel "selfish" taking care of yourself. We will help the world most by radiating kindness, peace & calm. It is only when we are balanced that we can really do that. And we need to take care of ourselves in order to clearly hear our own intuition. It's that intuition that will inspire us to help in ways that may have never occurred to us at first.

Peace & Love,
Dr Kyra

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